Out of Wedlock Child

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 10:50

Child born out of wedlock in Indonesia has legal relationship with her/his mother and her family only. This is because she/he was born outside the legal marriage of the parents. The biological father's name will not be printed on the child's birth certificate. But the child may have her/his legal relationship with the alleged father and his family as well, as long as a legal proceeding is being carried-out separately. It's called legalization of the child born out of wedlock. This is where the father voluntarily enter into a Paternity Affidavit, and the mother consent to it.

Nowadays, you need to conduct a DNA test to scientifically prove the relationship between the child and the alleged father. This proves the laws in Indonesia keep-up with the scientific developments. The end results of legalization born out of wedlock is to give the child entitlements as if she/he was born into the parents' legitimate marriage. The child is also entitled to use her/his father's family name. So, this proceeding is about giving your child the best they deserve.

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